batch download genome based on accession

Three easy ways to download multiple sequences from NCBI

There are different ways of how to download multiple sequences from the NCBI databases in a single request.


1) Using the batch Entrez website



2) Using Perl: (copy into your terminal and press return/enter)

perl -e 'use LWP::Simple;getstore("".join(",",qw(6701965 6701969 6702094 6702105 6702160)),"seqs.fasta");'

This takes the IDs separated by spaces and the filename of the fasta file with the sequences that will be generated (seqs.fasta). If you don’t try to get the nucleotide data, then you will have to change the database name as well.


3) Using your browser: (paste this to the address field),6701969,6702094,6702105,6702160

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