Sci-Hub 最新可用网址


很多人都知道一个下载文献的好地方 Sci-Hub,但是现在 Sci-Hub 的站长 Alexandra Elbakyan 女士面临着爱思唯尔的诉讼,让其面临数百万美元的赔偿。因此现在 Sci-Hub 在某些时候可能不可用了。不过 Alexandra Elbakyan 女士并未妥协,希望大家能多支持一下这位女士(貌似只能接受比特币捐款,我也不知道怎么弄,要是paypal或者payoneer就好了)。


Sci-Hub 官网:

Sci-Hub 替代网址:和也都已经阵亡(2017月12月6日测试)

以上几个网址都挂了,现在可用的是月8日测试 已经不可用了)

fasta2nexus by R script

Workspace loaded from ~/.RData] > setwd(“/home/shenzy/work/beast/51samples”) > library(seqinr) > data=read.fasta(“51strain_core_gene_alignment.aln”) > library(ape) Attaching package: ‘ape’ The following objects are masked from ‘package:seqinr’: as.alignment, consensus >,file=””, format=”DNA”) > […]

change the font size of leaf nodes when generating phylogenetic trees using Bio.Phylo.draw()

axes : matplotlib/pylab axes If a valid matplotlib.axes.Axes instance, the phylogram is plotted in that Axes. By default (None), a new figure is created.

This means that you can load your own axes with your size of choice. For example

import matplotlib import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from Bio import Phylo from cStringIO import StringIO def […]

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