Reading the NCBI’s GEO microarray SOFT files in R/BioConductor

This page discusses how to load GEO SOFT format microarray data from the Gene Expression Omnibus database (GEO) (hosted by the NCBI) into R/BioConductor. SOFT stands for Simple Omnibus Format in Text. There are actually four types of GEO SOFT file available:

GEO Platform (GPL) These files describe a particular type of microarray. They […]


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MrBayes Tree

Use clustalw to generate nexus format file

#NEXUS BEGIN DATA; dimensions ntax=55 nchar=534; format missing=? symbols=”ABCDEFGHIKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ” interleave datatype=DNA gap= -;

Change to as follows: #NEXUS BEGIN DATA; dimensions ntax=55 nchar=534; format datatype=dna interleave=yes gap=- missing=?;

then type mb -i *.nex

MrBayes > lset nst=6 rates=invgamma

Setting Nst to 6 Setting Rates to Invgamma Successfully […]