meta realted paper (转贴)

文章:Accurate binning of metagenomic contigs via automated clustering sequences using information of genomic signatures and marker genes  2016 (

文章:MetaCRAM: an integrated pipeline for metagenomic taxonomy identification and compression 2016

文章:Evaluating the Quantitative Capabilities of Metagenomic Analysis Software 2016 (

文章:MaxBin 2.0: an automated binning algorithm to recover genomes from multiple metagenomic datasets  2016  (

文章:Metagenomic Classification Using an Abstraction Augmented Markov Model  2015

文章:DectICO: an alignment-free supervised metagenomic classification method based on feature extraction and dynamic selection  2015 (

文章:MetaPhlAn2 for enhanced metagenomic taxonomic profiling  2015  (

文章:Multi-Layer and Recursive Neural Networks for Metagenomic Classification  2015  (

文章:deFUME: Dynamic exploration of functional metagenomic sequencing data 2015 (

文章:Spaced seeds improve k-mer-based metagenomic classification  2015 (

文章:Investigating microbial co-occurrence patterns based on metagenomic compositional data  2015 (

文章:Reconstructing 16S rRNA genes in metagenomic data  2015  (

文章:Bayesian mixture analysis for metagenomic community profiling  2015  (

文章:MICCA: a complete and accurate software for taxonomic profiling of metagenomic data  2015

文章:Identifying personal microbiomes using metagenomic codes  2015 (

文章:CS-SCORE: Rapid identification and removal of human genome contaminants from metagenomic datasets  2015  (

文章:TreeSeq, a Fast and Intuitive Tool for Analysis of Whole Genome and Metagenomic Sequence Data  2015  (

文章:MUSiCC: a marker genes based framework for metagenomic normalization and accurate profiling of gene abundances in the microbiome  2015  (

文章:CLARK: fast and accurate classification of metagenomic and genomic sequences using discriminative k-mers  2015  (

文章:Woods: A fast and accurate functional annotator and classifier of genomic and metagenomic sequences   2015  (

文章:METAXA2: improved identification and taxonomic classification of small and large subunit rRNA in metagenomicdata  2015  (

文章:Exploiting topic modeling to boost metagenomic reads binning  2015  (

文章:MBBC: an efficient approach for metagenomic binning based on clustering  2015  (

文章:VizBin – an application for reference-independent visualization and human-augmented binning of metagenomicdata  2015  (

文章:Binpairs: utilization of Illumina paired-end information for improving efficiency of taxonomic binning of metagenomicsequences  2015  (

文章:MetaObtainer: A Tool for Obtaining Specified Species from Metagenomic Reads of Next-generation Sequencing 2015 (

文章:MetaBoot: a machine learning framework of taxonomical biomarker discovery for different microbial communities based on metagenomic data  2015  (

文章:BioMaS: a modular pipeline for Bioinformatic analysis of Metagenomic AmpliconS  2015  (

文章:FCMM: A comparative metagenomic approach for functional characterization of multiple metagenome samples  2015  (

文章:MetaGeniE: characterizing human clinical samples using deep metagenomic sequencing  2014  (

文章:Binning metagenomic contigs by coverage and composition  2014  (

文章:COVER: a priori estimation of coverage for metagenomic sequencing  2012 (

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